About Us

We believe that children's online privacy is imperative and should be protected from outside forces that want to harm them or their families.

How We're Different

Privacy is not a feature - it's a way of doing business. Photoprivy challenges the status quo by making privacy the foundation of the business.

You can not have privacy without transparency. Know what data we collect and how it is being used.

Photoprivy does not share or sell your data with advertisers or marketers. There are no ads and no feed manipulations.

A user experience so easy that the grandparents can follow and stay connected to their grandkids.

You are in control of how you organize your photos. Keep your photos organized with Categories and Stories.

You own your content. You control who has access to view or contribute to your Stories.

Know what we collect and how we use it.
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Our Commitment to Privacy

Privacy must be proactive, not reactive

We do not wait for privacy risks to materialize. Instead, we take a proactive approach and think about protecting your data and limiting privacy leaks when designing a new feature or integrating with a third-party.

Privacy as the default setting

We seek to deliver the maximum level of privacy so that you don't have to do any additional steps on Photoprivy to ensure your privacy.

Privacy embedded into the design

Privacy is not an add-on. It is built into our business model and is a part of who we are. We review all third parties we work with to make sure your data that we have to send is protected and not sold or used for advertisement and tracking.

Full functionality – positive-sum, not zero-sum

Privacy is a "win-win," and you do not have to make any trade-offs to gain the full functionality of Photoprivy.

End-to-end security – full lifecycle protection

We act responsibly with your data from when you enter it to when the system stores the data. We act responsibly with your data when integrating with third parties making sure they protect your data, or use it for advertisement, and only send what is needed to enhance your experience on our platform.

Visibility and transparency – keep it open

We seek to be as transparent as possible with how we use your data, what data we're collecting, and what information third-parties receive from us, such as our analytics and payment processors.

Respect for user privacy – keep it user-centric

We keep your privacy interests in mind and be transparent with any changes or updates to our privacy policy.

Share your photos privately in invite-only Stories.
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How It Works

Create Your Stories

Your Stories are a never-ending photostream that can be anything you want. Your child, your family, the soccer team, home improvement projects, etc.

Invite Friends and Family

Invite your friends and family to follow or help you contribute to your Stories. Only the people you invite into a Story will be able to view the photos in that Story.

Upload Photos & Videos

Quickly and easily upload content to your stories. Add Categories, select the Story or Stories to upload the content to, and edit the caption if needed; all on a single screen.

Friends and Family Notified

Your friends and family that are following the Stories you selected will be notified that you just upload content.

Sign In Required

Your friends and family will be required to log in to view, comment, or love the photo. There is no anonymous access to your Stories or your uploaded content.

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