We believe that you shouldn't have to give up privacy and security to share your photos with friends and family.

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We are a social media platform focused on privacy. Giving you peace of mind when sharing your photos with friends and family.

Our mission is to provide a platform where people can collaborate and privately share their photos with friends and family.

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Privacy Matters To You

Your privacy matters to you as much as our privacy matters to us. We don't treat your photos any different than ours. We want to be as transparent as we can in what data we collect and how we use that data. We will never sell your data to marketers, advertisers, or third parties. We will also make sure any of our partners or service providers take privacy just as seriously as we do.

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Why a Fox?

The founder's last name is Fawks and is pronounced just like fox [foks]. So the fox icon is his way of reminding him that his son gave him the idea and is the inspiration for the site. It is also a reminder that any business decisions will affect his son's information and privacy. If he doesn't want it for his son's photos, then he will not allow it for your photos.


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