Photoprivy for Organizations

Photoprivy is a photo-sharing platform that helps protect your organization's and member's privacy. You can keep the parents connected with invitation-only Stories (photostream) dedicated to your organization.

No matter how big or small your organization is, we believe you, the parents, and most of the children, deserve a private and safe place to connect.


Photoprivy has a business model based on trust - we respect and protected our users and their privacy.


Control who has access to the Organization and the Organization's private Stories.

Free for Parents

Free for parents to follow and upload to the Organization's Stories you invited them to.

Easy to Use

Quickly upload to multiple Stories, add Categories, or edit the photo caption before uploading.

Establish a private and safe place with an Organization account

Create a Story for each group, team, class, event, season, etc. so only the parents of the participating children can see the photos.

Keep kids safe with invite-only Stories

With private Stories, you don't have to worry about any additional or complicated privacy settings risking accidental public exposure of a photos.

Only the parents that are invited into a Story have access to the photos in that Story. No random internet stalkers.

Flexibility to allow parents to contribute to the Stories

Have parents contribute to the Organization's Story by giving them permission to upload photos from the game, tournament, practice, show, etc.