Our story so far

Photoprivy was founded in early 2018 as a result of the frustration from the prevalent social media platforms' disregard for individual privacy, especially when it comes to our children and the information collected about them.

- 2020 -

May 2020

Mobile app prototype launch

The mobile app for Android and iOS is officially released.

Mar 2020

Official launch of the website

Access to the website is unrestricted.

Early access is given to all registered users.

- 2019 -

Sep 2019

Development for the mobile app begins

Started the development of the prototype for Andriod and iOS.

Jun 2019

Updates to the website prototype

The prototype is redesigned based on the information collected from the prototype to make uploading easier and to increase security.

- 2018 -

May 2018

The website prototype deployed

The founder created the first Story for his son, and invited his wife and mother to his son's story.

The site is invitation only, and early access is restricted.

Feb 2018

Incorporated and development starts

The domain name was bought and the company incorporated.

Development for the website prototype began.

- 2017 -

Late 2017

The idea formed and the research finished.

The founder and his wife decided not to use social media for their son's photos.

No viable alternative found, and the work began to create a platform that could be used to share the founder's son with friends and family.