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A plan to get you started with protecting your child's photos
  • Follow Stories
  • React to Uploads
  • 300 Uploads
  • 2 Minute Videos


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All the features in our Free plan with unlimited uploads
  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • 5 Minute Videos


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All the features you need to keep the parents connected to the team.
  • Upload as the organization
  • Manage organization permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Photoprivy for Free?

Yes, you can use Photoprivy for free. All the features are avaliable to you, with limited uploads and video durations, to get started and follow your family's stories or invite your family to your stories.

Do you have to pay to follow a story?

No, you don't have to pay to follow stories. We don't want your parents to have to pay to follow their grandchild's Story on Photoprivy. Sharing with your family should be secure, private, and as easy as possible.

Do I need to pay for the privacy?

Photoprivy takes privacy very seriously, even if you are not paying for our services.

Will I lose my photos if I cancel?

No. Your photos will remain on Photoprivy until you delete them. If you are over the Free limit, you will need to delete your uploaded photos until you are under your limit and have enough room to upload any new photos.
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